Up Close with Kelly Clayton

Kelly & Gianna 1

By Gianna Reynoso Who is Kelly Clayton and why is she our sponsor?  You can find out in my interview with Mrs. Clayton. Gianna: I see you are a sponsor of Alex Sanger. Why do you feel it is important to sponsor Sanger and all of the other organizations you are involved in? Kelly Clayton: …

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After Hours with Ms. Harris


By Ella King I was thinking one day I should do an interview on Mrs. Harris. She is my teacher right now and also works with the kids after school in sports.  She is the greatest and I wanted to do an interview with her. Ella: Why did you want to be a teacher? Mrs. …

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A Day with Ms. Williams

By Avory Miller On January 22, 2014 I interviewed Ms. Williams the Assistant Principal at Alex Sanger Elementary.  I was very excited about interviewing her because she has a very large part in the success of the school.  I went to her office which is located in the main building close the first grade classrooms.  …

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Going Back in Time with Mrs. Custer

By Gianna Reynoso and Ella King Ella and I thought we didn’t really know much about Mrs. Custer.  So we took the liberty to interview her.  Mrs. Custer is the librarian here at Alex Sanger Elementary.  She enjoys her time reading books because she says reading takes her to another world. Here is our conversation …

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Kindergarten Roundup and Community Tour

Sanger Pride! Fun Facts… We have a Real School Garden that is maintained by our Garden Club, students, and teachers. We have a Spanish Immersion program- one of only 8 in the district. It is supported by a Parent/Teacher group that meets monthly. We have several after school clubs- Art, Choir, Kids Rock, Journalism Club …

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My Time with Mr. Martinez

By Ella King Today, December 4, 2013, I interviewed Mr. Martinez the principal of Alex Sanger Elementary School.  I went to his office after school and I asked Ms. Cerrillo if I could interview Mr. Martinez.  She said, “Wait just a second and I will get him for you.” When I walked into his office …

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I Am American – An Interview with Nikkita Hattangady

By Ella King On November 7th I went to into Ms. Dry’s classroom to interview Nikkita Hattangady, the author of I Am American.  In the beginning I was nervous because I was interviewing a person I didn’t know.  After I sat down and got settled, I wasn’t nervous anymore.  I felt like this was what …

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Fall Carnival

By John Lunzer Sara Lunzer and her six year old daughter Madeline helped out with the arts and crafts at the Fall Carnival by making hats and superhero capes.  The Fall Carnival took place at Sanger Elementary from 11:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M on October 19th. Madeline’s Girl Scout troop was sponsoring the arts and …

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My Interview With Mrs. Brown

Ms. Brown 1

By Gianna Reynoso As soon as school started I went looking for Mrs. Brown our music teacher.  I wanted her to be my first interview because I think Mrs. Brown is my role model and I’ve known her since I started this school.  Music has been a big part of my life so far.  She has …

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My Testimony

By Gianna Reynoso Hello again everybody! A lot has happened since my last blog, some really good things and one that I have to tell you about and how I feel about it. I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to do an interview about my favorite subject – MUSIC. Well before …

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